Fabinho Update: He’s “Planning To Return” Says Dave Zeitlin

Kessler Reports previously reported, citing articles out of Brazil, that the Philadelphia Union’s left back, Fabinho, was moving to Serie B. According to Union beat writer Dave Zeitlin, Fabinho  wants to come back to Philadelphia.

@scottdkessler hey #KesslerReports, you have the wrong Fabinho. The Union one is still planning to return to Philly.

For the initial report, I reached out to a few Brazilian reporters/outlets to make sure I was writing about the correct Fabinho, since there is also a Fabinho Alves (the Union Fabinho’s name is Fabio Alves Macedo, which is rather close to Fabinho Alves’ real name, Fábio da Silva Alves), who plays striker.

Unfortunately, perhaps due to the language barrier, it appears that the other Fabinho Alves is the one mentioned in the reports used in my own article.

I apologize for the mistake and will work harder to prevent these problems in the future.


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